Musician, Comedian, Fluteman

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As a 7 year old boy Gabor already had the vision to become a clown with the recorder:


He started to look at the world from another perspective and combine music with all kinds of experiments.


It was his fascination for the inexplicable which led him to the art of magic and the illusionary world of theater and circus.

He studied music at the Hochschule for Music and Theatre Hannover, majoring in recorder. Playing only music seemed too serious to him, so he created his first funny music performance for a concert with which he wanted to make the audience laugh. He was very much inspired and encouraged by the clown Peter Shub from whom he got a lot of support.He probably became the first classical music student who received his diploma with two recorders stuck in his nose.


To improve his style on stage, he went to the circus school in Budapest to learn clowning from, amongst others, Gábor Atlasz. Then he changed to the Ecole Lassaad in Brussels. In Brussels he met the mime Olivier Taquin, who coached him on a regular basis and helped him to improve his act.


Directly after finishing the Ecole Lassaad in Brussels, he won the special award for the most innovative act in the Newcomer Show in the Krystallpalast Variety in Leipzig. This marks the beginning of Gabor touring through Varietes, circus tents, street festivals and concert houses as “the fluteman” throughout the world.